Konversation 1.5 has been released! (January 15th, 2014)2014-01-15

Konversation 1.5 adds numerous major features over the previous stable release. Of particular note are support for SASL and client certificate authentication, all-new topic management UI, overhauled authentication UI in... Read full announcement

Konversation 1.5-rc2 has been released! (January 7th, 2014)2014-01-07

After a (too) long wait, Konversation 1.5-rc2 is hopefully our final bid for your aid in assuring the quality of a now-impending final release. Quite a few gnarly bugs have... Read full announcement

Konversation 1.5-rc1 has been released!2013-03-16

Konversation 1.5-rc1 is the first test release for our next major release. The 1.5 development cycle has lead to significant new features in many areas of the application, from support... Read full announcement

konversation 1.4-beta1 has been released!2011-11-01

konversation v1.4-beta1 is the first pre-release leading up to our next major release. A dominant theme in this release cycle have been improvements and feature additions to the user interface,... Read full announcement

New git clone URLs2010-10-06

The repository layout on has been overhauled today, resulting in a small change to our clone URLs. Essentially, the konversation/ segment has been removed from them. Anonymous read-only access... Read full announcement