konversation 1.7.3 released!2017-11-11

While the Konversation team is currently hard at work on the upcoming major version 2.0 (which will debut an all-new UI and Matrix support, and pave the way for mobile... Read full announcement

Konversation 1.7.2 released!2017-05-09

Konversation v1.7.2 is a repackage of v1.7.1 with incomplete and badly maintained translations removed. They were accidentally included with the v1.7.1 release. There are no code changes in this release.... Read full announcement

konversation 1.7.1 released!2017-05-09

Konversation v1.7.1 is a maintenance release that addresses issues with some of the new features introduced in the last major release, such as SASL EXTERNAL and server-time support, along with... Read full announcement

Konversation 1.7 released!2017-04-15

Konversation v1.7 is a major feature release focusing on greatly expanded protocol support, with newly-added support for many more IRC v3 extensions and the much-requested support for SASL EXTERNAL and... Read full announcement

Konversation 1.7-rc1 released!2017-03-30

Konversation v1.7-rc1 is the first release candidate for the next major version of Konversation. The focus of the v1.7 release is on greatly expanded protocol support, with newly-added support for... Read full announcement